I'm curious about those still using D500

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Re: Been a month and OP has not responded

Thom Hogan wrote:

AWG_Pics wrote:

I understood threads to be locked if the OP fails to respond. Or is this an example of everyone being equal, but some are more equal than others?

Not sure what you want from me: I was simply asking a question to see what dpreview folks were thinking re: D500. I'm not here trying to respond to each comment or try to debate anything with anyone. I simply want to know what people are thinking. Kind of hard to know what people are thinking without asking them. Beyond that, hasn't anyone ever told you to listen? That's what I'm doing.

Moreover, Nikon reads dpreview, though they wouldn't acknowledge that. Surfacing customer opinions would be useful to them, as well as me (and others).

I have no agenda here other than to hear what people are thinking.

It seemed to me that your third question hinted at an agenda.   The idea that a D500 will at some point not be repairable is an oft stated con of keeping a DSLR.  Repeating that as a question does not make it less of a con.  The D500 will likely be replaceable if not repairable for the foreseeable future. Long enough for tech we can't even imagine today to be available.  Plus, unfortunately, many of us here likely think more about how much longer we will be operational than how long our gear will last.

Thank you to those that did. It's added to my own direct observations and conversations.

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