Image Noise - get over it

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Gordon W
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Image Noise - get over it

Since Sony announced the F828 this past summer and Canon announced and released the digital Rebel, aka 300D, I’ve lurked around the STF although saying little, but I have to now say I am absolutely puzzled by the endless commentary, criticism, and debate about F828 noise levels brought on by each prerelease image that surfaces from one.

It seems folks want and will only be happy with the F828 if it has noise levels on par with Canon dSLRs, or at the very least, totally noise-free at ISO 100.

Well, folks, until the next advance in basic sensor technology comes along, this simply isn’t going to happen. Even Sony is answerable to the laws of physics, which in this case says that more light will be gathered in a large area than in a small one, and more light means a greater signal to noise ratio, which means less noise in the image.


Canon 10D - 7.4 µm pitch = 54.8 sq. µm
Sony F717 - 3.4 µm pitch = 11.6 sq. µm
Sony F828 - 2.7 µm pitch = 7.3 sq. µm

Those numbers tell me (someone correct me if I’m wrong) the photosites of the Canon sensor have 7.5 times the area of the F828’s (equivalent to almost 3 ‘stops’?) and the F717’s have 1.6 times the area. Given the similarities in technologies, I’ll be pleasantly surprised if the F828 noise level is even as good as the F717, let alone better, let alone coming anywhere near noise levels found in dSLRs.

Therefore, if you want noise-free images, buy a 300D. If you want the convenience of an all-in-one camera, buy the F828 when it comes out. But unless Sony somehow manages to pull a miracle out of the hat (and don’t hold your breath), you will never get both in one camera.

The F828 will have noise to deal with. Get over it and get used to it.


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