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Jeffery1987 wrote:

So set to “Burst” mode. Take the shot, after you shoot your photo it should bring you into this menu. Everything above “Noise Reduction” only applies to JPEGs. For best result, I find these settings work the best. “Temporal Denoise Reduction” is really stacking. After 8 it introduces artefact at the top/bottom of the frame as it’s too many images to stack. I use 12 for really low light.

“Spatial Noise Reduction” is just normal noise reduction as far as I can tell. Really don’t recommend “Use GPU renderer” as it introduces artefacts.

bloodlmt wrote:

Can you explain the bits with the photo workflow using Motion Cam? I can't find the option/setting for Temporal Denoise Reduction using the free Motion Cam app.

First, you'll need to use stacking which is called 'Temporal Denoise Reduction" (Use 8 for best result) and then untick "Apply noise reduction to DNG" for best image quality.

Last week I tested (Motion Cam free, not the paid one), the raw DNG looks horrible. I'm not sure if the RAWs are stacked or single shot. I've also checked the Motion Cam Pro on the play store, and the app is quite expensive but updated frequently compared to the free version.

I appreciate if you can share the workflow and the correct settings of using Motion Cam for photography as most tutorials on the web and youtube are all about RAW video.

thank you.

many thanks for this, you're the first person on the web explaining about using motion cam for photography using this burst method

i am going to test motion cam on my old LG very soon, excited to play with the stacked raw dngs that is different from gcam

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