R5 for wildlife video -setup & operation basics?

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Re: R5 for wildlife video -setup & operation basics?

For wildlife on my R5 I generally set

ALL-I 120FPS 4k (this requires a CF Express card)

4K and 120FPS gives you lovely slow-mo 30FPS footage which looks good for wildlife clips and can be stabilised to a decent resolution.

For smooth video you generally want the 180 rule so a shutter speed of double the frame rate, practically this means 1/250 for 120FPS.

Don't shoot log unless you are prepared to mess with ND's. Outdoors can be bright for video even at 120FPS / 1/250 in good daylight will give you a very bright image at LOG base ISOs meaning you might need to stop down a lot without and ND. It also makes editing heavier etc.

The good thing about video needing slower shutters is that it means you can get nicer footage in lower light than photos would turn out.

Short clips are better than long videos, both to edit, watch and for your memory card and remember 120FPS back at 30fps is 4x slower.

The AF tracking can be odd in video mode you basically have to have servo and auto track on so it can be hard to grab initial focus etc ans tracking gets awkward if the background changes or something comes in front pdf the subject. Losing focus in stills is a momentary annoyance, but in video it ruins the sequence.

Here's an example, I shot this video of a Barn Owl at dusk, there was no way near enough light for photos but a video came out nicely.


Canon R5 + 500mm f/4 II + 1.4x extender

Here's another vote for 4K 120FPS. I simply cannot get enough of this. It's probably my favorite discovery in the world of photography for the past decade or more. This is one of the primary reasons, among many other disappointments I have with the R7, that I decided to purchase a 600mm f4 lens instead of picking up the R7 for the crop factor.

I don't have a huge amount of experience in video, but I keep playing. I have come to the conclusion that a serious video head and leveling base will be necessary. Also, I highly recommend DaVinci Resolve. Just as powerful, if not more so than anything you can purchase and it's free! There is a bit of a learning curve, but if I can do it, I am certain most anyone can.

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