Samyang 50mm 1.4ii autofocus on Sony a7rv??

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Re: Samyang 50mm 1.4ii autofocus on Sony a7rv??

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I had purchased the Samyang (Rokinon) 50mm 1.4ii and loved it for a lot of reasons. It produced gorgeous images and the price was right (on sale). However, after using it for a few weeks, the limitations of its autofocus became problematic. The AF was very accurate and could track movement relatively well if the subject was at a middle distance (whole body) but if the subject was anything closer and moving even somewhat sporadically or at all, it couldn't keep up and there would be more missed shots than I would like. Thus, the lens was sadly returned. This was with my A7riiia.

However, during the recent sale I picked up an a7rv! I am wondering if anyone has shot the Samyang with the RV and can report on their experiences. Does the fancy new autofocus system help the Samyang keep up a bit better?

I would love to shoot with the Samyang but the af was a dealbreaker and making me think about going with the Sigma 50mm dg dn which is larger and more $.

I shot this lens with the A7Riv and A7iv and the AF was.. OK. As you say it isn't very good if the subject is moving much. But you're right it is capable of beautiful results! It's a fantastic portrait lens - lovely bokeh, smooth rendering. I don't think the AF will improve much from body to body - I suspect the limit is in the stepper motors that they seem to have standardised on which are fine in the tiny range but with bigger lens/focusing units to move seem to struggle. Shame they didn't use the sonic motors from the 85/1.4 mk1. It's very disappointing that they haven't issued a firmware update since it's release to improve the AF, that indicates it may already be as good as it's going to get. I had two copies of this lens, AF was the same on both. It's absolutely fine if your subjects aren't moving much and it's a fabulous lens for the money/size/weight otherwise. I really hope they do a firmware update in the future to improve the AF, it would really unlock this lens potential.

The Sigma 50/1.4 DG DN is a much better lens, but it's also a lot more expensive and bigger/heavier. The AF for sure is far better - Sigma's second lens with their linear motors, and it's sharper - noticeably so out to the corners. Still suffers a bit from CA which is disappointing, although quite a bit better than the Samyang which can be terrible in high contrast. I got some stunning results from it but was ultimately disappointed by the size/weight and CA. But if AF is a priority for you, it's a no brainer. If you don't need f1.4, have a look at the newer Sigma 50/2 which I haven't tried yet. Or pony up for a GM

what was your take on the rendering and bokeh of the Sigma? Was it as stellar as the Samyang?

Very subjective of course, but I preferred the Sigma.  I got some really beautiful shots with the Sigma - both lenses are typical of their respective company's rendering styles, so it's down to what you prefer.  I always prefer Sigma - tends to be sharper, better contrast/colours, and nicer transitions/bokeh.

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