Anyone still having problems with autofocus on the a7iv?

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Re: Anyone still having problems with autofocus on the a7iv?

ShutterValve wrote:

I'm on the latest firmware (2.01), shooting handheld at upwards of 1/2000 of a second, ibis on, and the eyes are still not focused properly at wide apertures. I don't know if I'm just incompetent with this camera, but I've not had an issue with my s III or on my previous a7iii. The eyes are just not sharp most of the time. I'm probably going to send it in. I get impeccable eyebrows and eye lashes though. I started using another camera because of this issue.

I thought it was fine to try out at a wedding. I had two backup cameras because of how unreliable it is and the thing could have easily ruined a wedding that I was shooting. Something just felt off with the focus in my test shots. I started using my backup camera, and now I'm looking to replace the camera entirely with the A7R5.

I bought mine at launch and waited for firmware updates, so it's out of warranty. Has anyone sent their a7iv's in to get repaired over this? If so, what was the cost about and did it fix the issue? Or will they just reset the camera and call it a day? Cause I've done that multiple times already.

Yup I liked the A7iv but gave up on it because even on the latest firmware it was regularly focusing on eyelashes.  Hope they fixed this for the A7Cii.

There was a theory floated that it was a particular batch of cameras that had this problem?

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