Canon R5 Focus Stacking "feature"

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Ozark Bill Forum Member • Posts: 86
Re: Canon R5 Focus Stacking "feature"

I use the Helicon FB Tube with great results. It allows automated focus stacking with the use of flash. I used it with dSLRs and now my Canon R5. I haven't even tried the in-body stacking feature as I need flash for the vast majority of my stacks.

It is easily controlled via a cellphone (need to tell it what focal length you are using and aperture). I guess the in-body features in most cameras give you more control over the dynamics of the stacks, but I found that with some practice, this works great. And, because it is a short extension tube, it provides a little extra magnification.

Unfortunately, since they are a Ukrainian company, they are not currently shipping the product. Maybe you can find it on eBay or somewhere else?

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