S5 for indoor sport

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Re: S5 for indoor sport

Indoor ball sports that have a large field of play are subject to a lot of variance in distance. Minimize this by sitting on the sidelines if you can, at right angles to the net if shooting volleyball.

Do not use continuous or tracking AF with the S5, it honestly sucks for tracking anything, let alone fast moving subjects. Set the focus to single point, AFS, with human detection ON. Make the focus point the minimum size, and place it at about 2/3rds up the middle of the display. This will enable you to focus rapidly on the top half of subjects.

When shooting, aim the focus point on the subject and half press to acquire focus, and continue to hold while you track them. Fully depress the shutter button when you see something about to happen. The S5 and other Panasonic cameras with DfD focus most quickly and accurately with single point AFS. No other focus mode will give you faster focus, everything else will be slower and less accurate.

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