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I am in the US.

Obviously other people have had great results at Indie Film but mine not so much.

I sent them two batches of 120 to develop and scan. I had different issues with both, and there were no notes from the lab to explain.

I can only recall the details on one. It had what appeared to be tiny air bubble affects in the image. On both rolls, different film types and shot at different times with different camera bodies.

When I emailed them about it, they told me it was a storage issue they thought, but the film was newly purchased, in date, and had been in the factory package in the refrigerator until 24 hours before use both times. They had no explanation or apology for not sending any notes acknowledging a problem.

A little bit of a side issue is the storage place they are affiliated with if you want to store your film. The guy who runs it is a dim wit. I declined the storage, they were sent anyway. I declined the charge with him, he acknowledged he had received my decline, then 6 months later charged my card again for “storage services”, and when I contacted him he went into a sort of tirade about me not knowing how to use his website, etc.

Luckily I had saved the email exchange from 6 months prior, plus sent all of this to Indie as an FYI. That was the last time I heard from the storage guy but the whole experience told me I needed to stop patronizing them.

Northeast Photographic has been great on the two or three batches they’ve done for me.

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