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Re: My Thoughts on M43 & Possible Future Systems Options

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Hornsbee wrote:

A short burst of this immature bald eagle. These were small companion Jpegs. I've yet to get into the Raw files until I properly cull the thousands I took on that outing.

The launch of the G9II has my serious attention, a bit more than the OM-1 which I did use for a couple of weeks. I will keep an eye on it as a future candidate for my work. A 20% boost in sensor size is significant, especially in M43 where every bit helps. 30 MP would have been a slam dunk for me!

I like most of what I've read about it but it will be weeks or months before a proper review will be made. Most reviews I've seen were rather poor imo. Rushed, not to mention using pre-release gear and in many cases, unfamiliarity with controls and functions along with poor real-life subjects left some reviews with little to be considered. I'd love to get a chance to test drive a G9II and in due time I may get one to check it out for myself. With my lenses and with subjects and conditions that I shoot in, no test charts, no comparisons to previous models or competition, just simple use with of course dash of personal objectivity.

In the meantime, my pair of M1X's serve me fine, and in each outing, I learn a bit more not only about those cameras but also my lenses and their output. In my case based upon my style of shooting and subjects (from a kayak or canoe mostly) apex. 600mm (35mm equiv.) is the maximum reach that gives me the best images. With that realization using my PanLeica 200mm w/TC14 gives me a great combo and as a result, I did not use my Oly 100-400 very much. I paired my 2nd M1X with my Oly 40-150 2.8 either with or without the TC14. That covered 40-280mm (80-560mm 35mm equiv.). Those relatively fast lenses gave me much better opportunities to keep ISO's & noise low but IQ high an especially good thing when cropping. In the future, I will get the 300mm f4 when a good deal comes by me and that would complete my wildlife kit.

Another beautiful set of those magnificent raptors! I can see where with work such as yours you would consider the G9II. I'm curious about your experience with the OM-1 that you are considering the G9II.

Keep them coming!

Thank you. If you can indulge me I'd like to give you and others my considerations on upgrades within M43 and out of M43.

The OM-1 is an excellent camera but I did not like the feel of some of the controls and could hardly use it with gloves while in snow & freezing weather. Compared to the precise mechanical operation and the placement of buttons, dials etc., on my M1X the OM-1, I found it less useful for me in the field. It's a practical & personal thing. I did not think the OM-1 balanced well, especially with the lenses I used for wildlife. Again a personal thing. It's a very good camera but at this time I cannot make a compelling case to consider it.

The G9II piqued my interest for a number of reasons, the 20% larger sensor is one of them. The larger body with the option to mate a grip could be an excellent replacement for one of my M1-Xs. PDAF is another good thing along with amazing video capabilities, something I want to seriously implement in my wildlife workflow.

That said, I'm in no hurry and I'll wait to get more info on the G9II to see how the production models perform. Though I like what I've seen in the G9II, I'm still open to other options including full-frame bodies. The crop advantage of M43 is a double-edged sword. At times it gives you things and then takes them away. I say that as a serious and rather prolific wildlife photographer. My preference for a maximum acceptable focal length of 600mm (35mm) opens the door to FF bodies & lenses. A fixed 400mm lens when used in DX crop mode renders the 400mm an effective 560mm lens with plenty of pixels left to spare (reference Nikon Z9). Add a TC1.4 and the reach expands, both cropped & un-cropped modes. Many FF bodies today are no longer any larger than M43 and lenses are smaller too but also are very affordable and comparable to M43. The times they are-a-changing.

The outstanding Olympus150-400mm though one of the best of its kind but at a price point that allows me to consider other options. One that comes to mind is the Nikon Z9 or Z8, both at the top of their game and both would make a much more versatile system for me to expand in both wildlife and virtually any other genre. I'm not totally obsessed with size & weight, per se, but rather with performance, sensible size & weight. A pound or so difference in body & lens combo is not a deal breaker for me. What matters is getting the best possible images. I liken my backcountry adventures to what most pro photographers do to get fabulous images, that is to go where the action is. In doing so I spend a lot of money and time and the opportunities you find in each outing very well may be the only opportunity in your lifetime. The question is do you want to squander that opportunity?

Because I love the M1X size and controls, the Nikon Z9 is one of my considerations to possibly move from M43. I say possibly. The following is just one example for a comparative vs M43 bodies & lenses for wildlife. Similar comparisons can be made for Sony & Canon.

Nikon Z9

Nikon Z400 f4-5

Nikon Z70-200 2.8 ( the Z70-180 2.8 rumored to be a Tamron is half the cost and weight but no IS)

Nikon Z180-600 f5.6-6.3

Nikon has been very ambitious the last couple of years with some outstanding lenses and a road map that would give me many other genre-specific lens options.

But for the immediate future, I'm okay with my current gear, however as a serious wildlife photographer and wannabe pro I will consider all my future options.


The other day a song playing on my radio with the lyric: "And if you can't be with the one you love, honey
Love the one you're with"

I smiled and thought that a slight change of words could perfectly characterize my current posture with the gear I'm using:

"And if you can't have the gear you love, Charlie
Love the ones you're with"

Lol! Your P.S. is humorous and clever!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts from a very interesting perspective and a logical  argument for full frame gear. Seems there are legitimate options to M43 in todays market.

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