Mature & Imature Bald Eagles

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Re: Mature & Imature Bald Eagles

Hornsbee wrote:

A few more eagles and perhaps just one more set that I'll post here. I could clog up this site with the thousands of photos I recently took. These are Jpeg pairs which were on a separate card as I've yet to look at the raw files. As with all the birds I've posted recently these were shot from my canoe and probably on the calmest day.

I'm adding a couple of scenery shots to give you an idea of what the shorelines look like and where those eagles are perched. In one of those photos, you'll see a couple of my pals if you look closely.


Another set of amazing photos! Nice to see such good work but don't stop posting. There's nothing to clog up here

"There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept"
-Ansel Adams

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