Anyone tried the fringer with XH2s yet?

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Re: Anyone tried the fringer with XH2s yet?

Sorry for resurrecting an old post. Hopefully someone can help me with a decision.

I am really interested in the XH2s as a much better APS-C than Canon's dismal R7.

I would like to use this with my Canon 500mm is mkii and it appears supported according to the fringer website.

Does this mean that I will get full AF performance and aperture control? It seems so, but I have read differing opinions on this.

Are there any unadvertised watchouts that I should/could expect? I am one who values dependability in my gear above most everything else. If I can use this lens and camera combination and have it perform reliably, it seems like it would be a great match and save me from having to upgrade to the 600mm to get the reach I want.

Thanks for any info you can share!

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