Bajonet of the FTZ adapter teared off

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Re: Bajonet of the FTZ adapter teared off

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I had my Z9 connected to the 600/4 Fl +1,4 combo with the FTZ adapter. When I lifted up the combo ( from the lensfoot), the camera fell down. I noticed that the FTZ adapter had no bajonet at the cameraside and it was thight on the bajonet of the Z9. I got the camera yesterday from service and I was told that the bajonet of the FTZ adapter had only 2 screws left, the others had fell off without my notice. I had never noticed any sloppy movement as with my teleconverters when the screws need thightening. Luckily the camerabajonet was not hurt and the local service was fast and unexpensive. I have a new FTZ adapter now and happy that nothing serious happened. Any similar experiences?

Can you provide pictures of the damaged FTZ?

On the Z side of the FTZ, there are four screws? You mean 2 of the 4 had fallen off? (On the F side, there are 5 screws.)

Yes, the bajonet on the Z-side fell off. The FTZ-bajonet was very thight on the Z-bajonet, so it was impossible for me to loosen it from the Z-bajonet. The 2 screws that were left had twisted and it was hard even for the Nikon service to loosen the 2 bajonets. I agree that its better that the FTZ bajonet will loosen before the bajonet of the Z9. The combo of Z9+ big telelens is a big burden for all bajonets in the combo. Even if you carry the combo from the lensfoot as you should, the z9 is very heavy. You get a lot of tension on the bajonets. This I have exprienced with teleconverters which need thigtening now and then. My camerabajonets have seldom been damaged.

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