panther dissapointment

Started Nov 19, 2003 | Discussions thread
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Re: panther dissapointment

We are switching macs. the new machine has panther, the old jaguar. Sadly our Canon S800 printer worked on the old machine, but not with panther. Luckily we are also in the process of switching to HP 7960 so we aren't completely out of luck.

  • Peter

Eddie wrote:

I updated my mac to panther about two weeks ago and have just found
out that my Epson 2200 printer will no longer work with my Mac.
Apple told me that there aren't any drivers yet for this printer to
function with panther, Epson told me the same thing. My Hp 7960
works just fine. So, why don't both epson and apple get together
and solve these problems befor the come out with a new operating
system. Who should I be dissapointed with...Epson, Apple..or both??


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