When can GFX gonna have Z8's 3D tracking?

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Re: No need for stacked sensors...

The lens design will determine how fast the lens element can move but the camera will determine AF tracking.

For whatever reason - Sony seems to have made great improvements to AF tracking without a stacked sensor. Some youtubers (if you believe them) have said they find the AF tracking on the A7rV better than the A1.

Its supposed to have a separate processor for AF tracking and doesn't need a stacked sensor for the fast sampling. It can do more processing on the fewer samples it gets from the non-stacked sensor.

This (specialized processor) would be the cheaper option to go rather than a new 44x33 stacked sensor.

But Fujifilm has always had the slower AF tracking even when they were using Nikon donator bodies.

themediocreenthusiast wrote:

bobby350z wrote:

Some have linear motors, like my 110mm f2, 250mm f4, 45-100mm but what I am saying is that folks like Sony would put 2 LM if they have to get faster AF.

Perhaps you meant Sony's new XD Linear motors on some lenses but they are patented mate...And I don't think they do share innovative patents among each other *Japanese makers. E.g: Olympus invented the 5-axis image stabilization technology in 2012 but how many good years has passed for other makers to catch up?

I still feel from personal user experience that AF has never been Fuji's strength (for decades), and I'm quite happy with a slower AF, older CPU-image processing engine, etc - in return for "Made in Japan" quality, trusty IQ, resolution and colors.

They just entered the "Stacked sensor" major league with * Fujifilm X-H2S = Fuji’s first stacked sensor flagship X Series camera +  X-trans sensor.

But I don't think they are really that turtle-slow in the game?

As of 2022, there are only 7 cameras that utilizes the Stacked CMOS sensor, five of them have full-frame sensors, one is Micro Four Thirds (OM System OM-1) and the last one, Fujifilm X-H2S has an APS-C sized sensor.


But yes - I think you will have to wait at least for another 3-5years for a stacked MF GFX + 2x LM on GF lenses but meanwhile I'll pray Fuji will acquire Nikon Imaging business (NOT SONY!) for good since they are not motivated anymore. https://petapixel.com/2022/04/14/nikon-doesnt-want-cameras-to-be-its-core-business-anymore/..



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