Help with Lightroom Alternatives and Workflow.

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Help with Lightroom Alternatives and Workflow.

I'm a hobbyist photographer who enjoys shooting RAW and doing "not too advanced" post-processing in Lightroom (Tone, Colour, HDR, Panorama, Simple Masking and Layering). After discussing with another photographer, he had brought up some reasons why he didn't use Lightroom anymore and had moved over to ON1 instead (no subscription and less memory use editing directly from RAW file folder without extra Catalogue Folders. Thus, I started looking into other RAW-Editing software alternatives.

I have come upon a short list of what I consider top candidates for Lightroom alternatives:

Capture One Pro

DXO PhotoLab

ON1 Photo Raw

Skylum Luminar NEO

The problem is that they each have their advantages and disadvantages, things they excel at and their weak points as well.

What I am looking for is maybe not a complete transfer over to a new software and only using that program for the complete editing process, but maybe mixing and matching, editing the same RAW image in multiple programs/softwares throughout the editing process according to their strongpoints. An Example would be: DeNoise editing and Lens Correction in DXO, Tone and Color editing in Capture One, AI editing tools in Luminar, Presets in ON1. Something like that if its' at all possible. I realise that a RAW file is just a base file with more information and that each program maybe makes a separate sidecar file of the edits for reference when looking at the finished product. I would like to be able to see the RAW image with the edits in each of the programs while I'm editing, no matter which program I am using. Would that require that I convert the files into another format (DNG, TIFF, JPEG, etc.) in order to be able to see the edits in all programs as i'm working on them?

Another "requirement" of mine is that I travel and sometimes use multiple computers or an IPAD (I use Apple Products mainly...) and would like to be able to do editing on multiple computers. That means being able to get to my latest RAW and Edited files from all the computers real time no matter which computer/program I'm using. I know I'm asking a lot and that it might not even be possible.

At the moment, I have a Synology NAS station where I would ideally like to hold the massive storage of RAW files as a source for all the editing programs, and edit from there. I have Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic (I much prefer Classic over CC) and realise I could use CC to edit over the computer and IPAD using cloud storage, but my laptop is older and the IPAD has very limited storage so the CC option really doesn't work as I can't import very many images before the memory is full. Also, with Lightroom, I dislike needing to have the Catalogue locally (on the computer of an external HD (which I have now) which together with the RAW files takes up an enormous amount of memory... Any editing programs/software that forgo the extra "catalogue" files for less memory use? How about being able to edit Offline?

Long post/question I know but lots of information which I feel is important to convey.

Many thanks in advance.

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