The Xperia 1 V does have dynamic range after all

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Re: The Xperia 1 V does have dynamic range after all
  1. Panino Manino wrote:

Everything we already knew.

So that is it them, Dynamic Range is only available on Basic and Auto, there's not way to have the same DR on any of the manual modes. Seems like it's the same on the new V model, but worse because Basic and Auto processing and substantially better now and the difference becomes more obvious.

Well, i edited the post above. You can in fact get more dynamic range in Manual mode in Xperia 1 II above.

But the default is set to DRO and you need to turn on Auto HDR manually. Most reviewers are clueless and they just use the default settings which is DRO (lower dynamic range than HDR but no artifact or ghosting).

Sony even put the option to use HDR when in burst to get more dynamic range. In theory, the image quality should be better than Samsung, Xiaomi etc most other phones which in Pro Mode (manual mode) HDR is not available and the image quality are worsen.

Source in the video below:

Some example : Link 1 |Link 2

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