Poor mans backdrop ($3) (bikini warning)

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Knockouts in PS


If you want to knock out a background in PS, you want it to be as even as possible. It makes life a lot harder if it's got crinkles and variations in it. I recommend white seamless paper, lit as evenly as you possibly can, and well out of focus. Then the knockout work in PS is easy. Otherwise it can be a real pain.

Duncan C

Fujicamfan wrote:

davidhood wrote:

A $3 box of tin foil.

I tried something similar with a sunscreen shade used to keep the
car cool. Mine had silver on one side and blue on the other. Still
working on getting the lighting right, and wanted to use the blue
as a chromakey drop to cutout my model from the background for some
photoshop play. Also has the benefit of being reusable and almost
as inexpensive. Good idea, the foil, but I'm finding that shiny b/g
make for tricky lighting. Pretty model btw.

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