things to consider when using 6x4.5 back on RB67

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Re: things to consider when using 6x4.5 back on RB67

BylineBuddha wrote:

hi there follks

when i bought my RB67 i got it with another back, the 6X4.5 one and also the mask for using it.

honesly i havnt got to use it yet.

now im considering to run a test but was wondering,

is there any difference in lens view?

i mean - i only use the 127mm lens which gives me roughly 58mm.

so is there any 'cost' by using a 6x4.5 format ?

thanks in regard

You are precropping. The lens is the lens.

DOF and image magnification will be identical, but the frame will be tighter. Like comparing a FF DSLR to an APS-C.

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