Is Nikon going to make a higher end APS-C Mirrorless?

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Re: I don't see it

Juggernaut122 wrote:

The rumors of the Z90 have come and fallen flat.
I want to upgrade from my D7200 to a mirrorless APS-C model. Nikon's current APS-C line seems pretty unremarkable to me.
Have I perhaps missed some sort of announcement of their plan to make a higher end APS-C mirrorless?

To me, the DX market has 2 main types of users:

1) Second non-work camera (travel) shooter - smaller and lighter camera from their main camera (MF, 35mm), usually paired with small, light primes.

2) Camera for birders / airshow / distance shooters - they need reach - the longer the better.

Nikon never built up their small light primes and the high end bodies tend to be larger - so most of those people are with Fujifilm now.

I was one of the people needing more reach when I purchased my D500, it got pushed to the back of the cabinet when I got the D850, in crop mode - it had the same resolution as the D500 and handled better than the D500 with the long lenses.

With the Z8 / Z9 out now - I don't see those people looking for a 26MP high end APS-C body for reach anymore.

Plus the expectation of a D500 replacement being $2K with a stacked sensor - too little return for Nikon - I don't see them making that investment.

The Z50 and Zfc is Nikon trying for type 1 user.

The Fujifilm X-H2s is targeted at the D500 type user - I don't think its selling that well but I don't think Fujifilm expected big sales on that body anyways. They are short on the long lenses just like Nikon is short on the small, light DX primes.

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