D800 - Sensor dead ? Green + Pink Patterns

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Re: D800 - Sensor dead ? Green + Pink Patterns

Had no reply from Nikon.

Asked Fixation (main repair service in UK and place that now handles Nikon UK's spare parts) their reply in case others are interested:

I had a word with one of the technicians about this.

To start, I'm afraid we are no longer able to repair the Nikon D800, as parts are no longer produced by Nikon. Once they run out, we have to stop because we can't safely dismantle the camera knowing we don't have something we might need to put it back together properly.

This doesn't mean that it would be impossible to fix, some other places may still source parts via scrapped cameras / internationally via eBay etc. But if they were able to repair it, this would look like quite an expensive one.

This is probably down to the sensor being permanently damaged by laser light from the festival and/or a chip that's responsible for processing the sensor data failing in some way. So your looking at a main board replacement, sensor replacement or both. Between these parts and the labour to complete the job vs getting a used camera version again in decent condition, it's incredibly likely it would be cheaper and faster getting a hold of the used body instead

(Don't think there were lasers at this show)

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