hacking: 300D runs DOS on x86 compatible CPU

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Re: Hey great idea! Here's another one...

Definetely a thing to try. However, since the filesystem does not appear to contain any files with camera settings, I suspect that they are stored in some additional memory space that is not mapped as one of the drives. The changes are likely to happen in that space. If it is possible to run a program on a camera as it has been done on S40, it should be possible to create a program that dumps entire camera operating memory to a CF card. You could then compare these dumps to establish "setting -> memory location" map.

Max Leung wrote:

I like how you think...that's how I would do it if I had the patience!

Another thing to try:

1) Use the FEC hack to change the FEC to zero.
2) Pull an image of the filesystem.
3) Change the FEC to +1.
4) Pull the image of the filesystem, compare.

Then, write a simple program that the camera can run to change the
affected file. Copy the program with the Linux boot onto a CF card
(like a spare 32 megger), and then you can change FEC on the fly
without needing a PC/laptop with a USB port!

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