Z8 Won't Allow Shutter Speed Below 1/125

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Re: Chosen exposure at lower FPS or Wrong exposure at chosen FPS

The operator asks for 2 settings that cannot be physically possible. Camera has to make a choice on which setting it wants to honour and limit the other.

I think I agree with you - Nikon should have dropped the Frames per second instead of limiting the shutter speed.

I rather get the chosen exposure at a lower FPS than a wrong exposure at the chosen FPS.

FKS wrote:

That's not always the case. Frame rate usually means the maximum fps you get, assuming the shutter speed allowed it. Set the Z8/Z9 to 20fps, and you can set the shutter speed to 900sec.

It's a case of the nanny syndrome, but without this limitation, we'd get posts of "I set my camera to 120fps but I'm not getting 120fps".


Of course you can't set a shutter speed slower than the frame rate you are shooting!

Suppose you set it to 1/10th of a second. How you going to get 60 frames per second when your shutter speed only allows 10 shots to be taken in one second?

So - set single frame, and then you should be able to set very slow shutter speeds.

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