Calibrating a BenQ monitor

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Re: Calibrating a BenQ monitor

As a professional photographer for over 40 years that has owned both brands, I am more than familiar with how they and their software works.

Unless you try Colour Navigator 7 , and use it to output work, you will not appreciate the huge gap between that and the BenQ offering.  The difference for soft proofing with good profiles is huge, the entire process is made workable. An important part of your icc profile is used by the  software and hardware to show you subtle differences.

Many  think it is just the panel , but without good control electronics and software the game is lost.  As a measure of BenQ's authority in monitor design, they put a rotating puck control with a default to turn down the brightness !!!! Anyone that has gone beyond lesson one on day one knows that your calibration is for a specific brightness, and altering it causes issues with the validity of the profile.

As for price, in the UK there is not a lot of difference, and we get the 5 years warranty where they collect from you and give you a loan unit so you can keep going while yours is serviced.   I have had a BenQ with issues and played the send it away game , it came back as bad !  No loan, no five years,  and nowhere as professional.

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