What exactly is a "landscape / portrait camera?

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Re: Landscapes - makes very few demands on a camera system

I agree fully.

Landscapes - usually shooting at F8 or smaller - so no need for expensive large fast lenses, F8 is a great equalizer of lenses

Resolution - very easy these days to get more of it via software or just do panos/stitching processing

DR - very easy to get more of it via HDR / stacking processing

So to me - if one wants to shoot landscapes - one of the cheapest ways to get into photography - other than the costs of access to interesting places to see the Landscapes and costs of a good tripod and head.

Parry Johnson wrote:

There's been a lot of talk here recently about the Z8 / Z9 not being a landscape or portrait camera. In my opinion, ANY decent camera can do a good job in those areas -- it mainly depends on the choice of lenses and whether one needs the extra resolution.

Complaint #1: The camera is too big or too heavy. Solution: buy a smaller camera or a gym membership to beef up. You will notice a bit of top-heaviness with a smaller body but serious landscape shooters will probably be using a monopod or tripod anyway -- and that also means extra bulk weight, so why are they complaining anyway! Okay, portrait shooters sometimes need to move faster with smaller lenses, but the "good glass" is still big and heavy -- you really won't notice much difference here.

Complaint #2: There aren't enough pixels. Do you really want to see every tiny wrinkle? Even the best make-up job leaves some bits of mascara. Unless you're always making huge prints or cropping your own mistakes, 36 or 24MP is more than enough for most work. Why settle for 60MP+ when you're always chasing better (I.e. more expensive) lenses, storage and computer power? The final 8x10 will probably look the same. Okay, I also want more pixels, but I might not always shoot at full resolution.

Complaint #3: It's too expensive. Duh! Any new bells or whistles will cost more. If you need it, get it. If not, look for another good option. If you simply don't have the money, buy the best you can afford (but use it!)

Complaint #4: Why doesn't it have _______? A hammer is great for driving nails, but it's a lousy screwdriver. One camera / lens / photographer can't do it all, but there are many "can do it most" options.

So, please let's quit the complaining about what's wrong with a camera and fully use whatever we do have. If it's a D300 and 50f1.8D, great! If you've got a Z9 and 24-70 S, fantastic! Take as many landscapes and portraits as you like, but please don't say, "I can't do it because I don't have _____." You're just giving up and not using your creativity. There's more than one solution.

(Rant over.)

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