Is the Focus and Recompose Technique Still Necessary with Mirrorless Cameras?

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Re: Focus & Recompose + BBF

LazyAfternoonTea wrote:

Thank you for the clarification. I now understand why there might be some confusion. I completely agree that AF-S with shutter-release focusing is equivalent to AF-C with Back-Button Autofocus (BBAF). In my opinion, that's precisely why people use BBAF—to enjoy the benefits of AF-S in AF-C mode.

However, I don't recall ever stating that I was using BBAF in conjunction with AF-S mode. Nonetheless, I see no issue if people choose to adopt this method even with AF-S mode. I assume that if we're discussing focus and recompose with the AF-on button, then by default, I would be in AF-C mode.

OK - if you know how BBAF works - you already know that you have to press the AF-On button to acquire focus...NOT pressing the AF-On is how you lock focus under the BBAF method...that doesn't change just because you are using mirrorless.

"However, I recently missed some shots while trying out the eye-detection function. I suspect that I still needed to press and hold the AF-on button even though the camera indicated it had locked onto the target's eye with a small yellow bracket. I pressed the shutter without engaging the autofocus with the AF-on button, which resulted in the subject's eyes being out of focus. I lost the moment."

You basically locked the focus without first acquiring focus on the eye by NOT pressing the AF-On button - resulting in an unfocused eye. The yellow box just tells you the target for focus - you still need to press the AF-On to activate the focus.

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