Z8 Leaked specs and picture over at NR.

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Re: Z8 Leaked specs and picture over at NR.

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Doofer wrote:

I guess we're all going to ignore how poor of a photoshop job NR did?

What happened to the mode dial?

What mode diall???

Does the Z 9 have a mode dial??

How about the D6...D3...D300...D500?

I dont think Nikons higher end models have a mode dial...so perhaps nothing is missing.

Mode Button array, or Mode Cluster, the thing that says "Mode" on it

Or, does NR expect me to believe the flash button on the mode dial was chewed off by a bird or something?

Chewed off.....by a bird...mmmm..you don't shoot wildlife or birds too much I see


Ahh, that was the look NR was going for. What a value then that the camera comes "pre-chewed"! I'd likely have to take an expensive trip to get that feature!

While there doesn't seem to be a single image of the Z9 at the same angle as in the NR image of the Z8, if you take a look at the available images of he Z9 and look carefully at the dial on the top right side (as seen from the front), you will see it is identical to that shown in the NR Z8 image. I shown an example here:

Identical? The Z9 has a flash button, the "Z8" does not? It's been removed by either a poor photoshop job (likely) or by some "pre-chewing" feature. Where is the flash button?

You can clearly see the other three buttons right? Where did it go? Or are Z8 owners deemed unworthy of the 4th button?

As ANAYV pointed out, the Z9 and many other Nikon models do not have a Mode Dial. So given the Z8 is effectively a cut-down Z9, it is no surprise that it also does not have mode dial.

Semantics. Call it whatever you will, you know exactly what I am talking about. How about this, anyone with access to a Z9, tilt it down to the point where you can clearly see the word "Mode" on the farthest button. If the light source in this photo is from the upper left, do you really, truly see none of the top of the camera by the grip? You really, truly see the controls where the grip is clearly higher than the back line of the camera as shown in the "leaked" image, when the word "Mode" is as clearly visible as it is in this photo?

OK, I accept your point that the Flash button is missing... Odd.

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