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Thanks Tom and agreed on the recent announcement. Even as I post less there have been dozens of not hundreds of times I’ve looked up a random camera issue and the answer/solution lies in the DPR Forums. Photography will be worse off if they remove the content but we’re just along for the ride…

Good Light regardless!

Tom Caldwell wrote:

AdaptedLenses wrote:

Formerly Mathieu18… I haven’t posted in a long while and life & work have me too busy to shoot too much these days but I still use my manual Nikkors when I can, and have a couple Takumars, Helios & Adaptalls in my cabinet. This forum has always been amazing and one I’ll miss

Alot of amazing resources, references and most importantly photographers on here. It’s going to be a loss to photography when it’s no longer available. Hope everyone finds a new, great home in this crazy WWW. I’ll be on Fred Miranda but he needs a better sub Forum for Adapted TBH. Maybe I’ll check out others in the future. Regardless, Godspeed and good light.

Thanks Mathieu, I remember your long association with this forum.

A very recent announcement by dpreview says that they are gong to archive and make available. But I am not sure that this would apply to the wealth of information that might have been included on posts to this forum.

Best wishes from a pleasant autumn day on a Easter Sunday new day.

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