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Re: best mobile projector 🧐

joger wrote:

TN Args wrote:

joger wrote:

TN Args wrote:

joger wrote:

Amazing scenery and no need for any other equipment - I guess I have overcome G.A.S. totally - well - for the most part -

Did you bring any gear apart from A7R IV and 3 lenses used in the photos you posted?

  • Gitzo GT2540LLVL
  • RRS TFA-01 Ultra including BPC-16
  • Sony G 200 .. 600
  • Sony GM 135
  • Sony GM 14
  • MacBook Pro 14.2 " maxed out
  • 8 TB USB-C SSD for backup
  • iPad mini
  • Spare eye glasses
  • crappy company LapTop DELL Latitude 7320 Carbon
  • a couple of cabvles
  • 3x USB-C power adapter
  • iPhone 14 PRO 1 TB
  • spare batteries
  • Sony WH-1000XM4
  • AirPods 2
  • Amazon Fire TV 4k PRO

And the used gear

  • G 12 .. 24
  • GM 35
  • GM 85
  • A7R IV

Not much for me - when I travel by car the list is much much longer

Thanks for taking the trouble to list it all. And I’m very impressed that you take all that gear: you certainly earn your results. Congratulations.

thx for taking the time to answer my quick and dirty drafted list of gear traveling with me on short flights. I certainly use more gear when traveling for longer time and on long haul trips. No need to congratulate for that.

In Business Class you're normally allowed to take 2x 8 kg into the cabin with you - that's my photo gear and electronics. I don't need that much clothing though - one or two Jenas will do the job and a pair of shirts and shoes.

At the destination the rental car easily carries the gear- or the rented guide bus.

I never made the claim that I dislike electronics and gear 😎

( that's a big portion of my enjoyment )

Most important extra gear when traveling longer however is my ultra mobile projector.

Bought some five years ago the LG PF50KS to be able to watch my images in bigger at any place on this planet provided that the hotel room has at least one white wall.

LG PF50KS or in the US PF50KA - 2 lb Full HD mobile projector - needs only a USB-C cable

Lasts for 2 h unplugged and can be supplied by a power bank or the Laptop with additional energy while watching images or a film. Normally I carry also two 50 W battery powered speakers and an ultra mobile silver screen - that rounds up the gear I desire when traveling. The trunk of the car with 550 liters is normally big enough.

Looking forward to the 100 MP Sony A7R VI - my last G.A.S. probably

Ok for the advantage in the plane... But passing the controls at the airport must be very annoying thing OTOH....

I travel a lot with 4 laptops + camera bodies and this story of having to unload everything is always the most annoying part and it's far from all what you lugged

So yes very brave of you to bring all that stuff along.

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