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Re: Taking the leap

minniev wrote:

Your adventurous squirrel is well caught in the midst of his leap, and he's adorable. I love the angle with his tiny paws outstretched and a determined look on his face. The tree itself is quite accommodating as it seems to fan out in a starburst pattern from those airborne paws. Even the stripes on his back pitched in to help. Nice shot, a pleasure to see.

I agree, and a good metaphor he is too, the little fella.

Look forward to seeing you on the other side too. Our little band is gradually reassembling. I do hope the stragglers get to the lifeboat before the Titanic sinks under the waters for good. We may lose some who chose another lifeboat, or who stubbornly go down with the big ship, and that will be sad. It's been a fun ride.

I see that my Titanic analogy is catching on... 

P3T3S wrote:

There were lots of these little fellows in India, and he is demonstrating what we need to do.
I hope we all stay in contact, but I still wanted to thank everyone involved with this thread for their contributions, pictorial and written. They have all given me food for thought and improved my photography, and I always look forward to seeing the weeks new harvest of photographs, and having to write comments forced me to think more about what I see, which in turn makes me think more about what I take.
Here’s to the leap, and may the landing place produce new opportunities, friends and an experience at least as good as it was here.


(On DPRevived I am PeteS, with real e instead of backward 3 at last. So that’s one improvement already!)

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