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Re: A retrospective photo essay - updated

minniev wrote:

What a wonderful retrospective essay! This is your photographic autobiography! You've pulled together a summary of your interests, your skills, your equipment, your intentions, and it's a compelling story of growth. What's clear though is that your photographic vision has been intact from the start of the series. By 2011 you had arrived at a high level of sophistication in terms of skill and implementation of your vision. That #5 is a compelling image. The last two are Nat Geo type shots. Hope you'll follow us on over to the new forum and keep sharing your wonderful images.

I agree completely with Minnie and could not have said it any better.

What this series shows me, is that every camera has its charms in the right hands.

The digital shots are spectacular, and the analog shots are probably a bit more "conservative" (because film was more expensive than pixels), but they are wonderful nonetheless.  They exude nostalgia in subject and in toning.

MikePDX wrote:

Still probably way too pompous a title!

Originally posted Nov 22, 2017 for the 500th weekly Wednesday C&C thread
- Revised/updated for this week.

I thought about what to post for this 500th edition, and came to the conclusion that I couldn't settle on one photo. So I selected a few shots from my nearly 50 years (Wow!) of photography that are meaningful to me. I think all of these have been presented here over the time I've been associated with Wednesday C&C. It also gives me another opportunity to use the format of a photo essay to try to tell a story.

1. 1969: This is one of my first shots ever in which I paid attention to framing and such. It started to feel like it was a grade above the "standard" snapshot. Shot on a Kodak instamatic camera using Kodacrome II.

Yes, we're climbing that!

2. 1977: Rafting the Colorado River in oar-powered rafts. This trip marked the beginning of many "adventure travel" vacations. Shot with my trusty Olympus OM-1 on Kodachrome 64.

Navigating Lava Falls in the Grand Canyon.

3. 1989: The '80's and '90's were a period in which nearly all my photography was about trains. By this time I had an OM-4 and was using Kodachrome 200.

Crossing the Crooked River Bridge in central Oregon.

4. 2007: I started branching out in my subject matter with the switch to digital and an Olympus E-500. I worked up the courage to make my first submission to the Wednesday C&C thread #65.

Waiting for Spring

5. 2011: This photo was significant for me in that it was about the first time that I was able to pre-visualize the shot and then execute it successfully. Hand-held with my trusty Olympus E-30.

Ghost of the Morning Commute

6. 2016: This shot represents one of many that I've taken (and posted here) of the Palouse. It is a spot I continue to go back to over and over at different times of year, shooting different images each time. E-M1.

Down on the Farm

Since episode 500, I've been concentrating more and more on wildlife. The last two images are from this more recent time period.

7. 2018: This photo has a lot of significance for me, as it represents my growth as a photographer. Many years ago (about 45 years or so) we bought an Art Wolfe Brown Bear print in the Seattle REI store. That bear has been hanging on my wall ever since. My photo below is the one replacing it. I finally felt like this was a worthy successor.

Nap Time

8: 2023:I am finally starting to master my exquisite 150-400 lens and my OMSystem OM-1. You know the story of this one - shot in a bouncing Zodiak of speedy penguins in the shivering cold. Loved every second of it!

I told you penguins could fly!

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