Triple Back Button Focus on R5 and R6

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Triple Back Button Focus on R5 and R6

When I set up my R5 about 1.5 years ago, I followed Jan Wegener's excellent R5 setup video that included how to set up the R5 for dual back button focus ( It switched me from shutter button to back button focusing.

I searched the forum and found the concept of triple back button focusing mentioned only a few times and only explained once (

But Jan's video didn't mention two things:

  1. There is an INFO option if you set the AF-On or * button to AF-start. The INFO lets you lock (or optionally not lock with a "-") the focus mode, Servo, and tracking mode.
  2. In addition to AF-On and * buttons (which Jan showed), the AF Point Select (to the right of the * button) and DoF button (on the front), plus the "LENS" (AF stop button on the lens - not sure if this a button that does not exist on my lenses or the AF-switch on most lenses).

Since I didn't know about them, and humanly next to impossible to dig everything out of the manual, I didn't know about them. I discovered them through a video that popped up on my YouTube suggestions (

The eye detection on other buttons is described in the manual (going at least as far back as firmware 1.2 and probably to the beginning). I just missed it after following Jan's directions when I was a newbie to the R5.

As far as I could find, using the INFO button to lock the AF functions when setting AF to the AF-On and * buttons are not documented in the manual (at least I could not find it with a search). Note you can also set the Focus point select, DoF, and LENS to do AF, but they do NOT give the INFO=Lock Modes options.

This video shows the function of the INFO button with the AF option with the AF-On and * buttons (only):

It my limited experience in setting this feature, it appears that you can set it "globally" for all M, AV, and TV modes and then you have to set it up individually for the three (1 - 3) custom modes settings (there may be a better way, but that is what I had to do).

The person in the video set the buttons differently than I did. I set the first button to force AI Servo with tracking mode 1, but I left the focusing type to be "-" (whatever it is set to). I then set the * button to be spot and the AF-spot button to Eye detection. In this way, I can pick the focus mode I want via the Q menu and then have spot and eye detection always available.

For reference, below is the table in the manual

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