Interesting discovery about buffer clearing on R7

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Alastair Norcross
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Interesting discovery about buffer clearing on R7

Apologies if this has been discussed already. I was using my R7 yesterday, shooting 15fps in e-shutter. I noticed several times that it took a long time to clear the buffer. I mean a really long time. Something like a whole minute (I didn't time it then). When I got home, and was going through the images on my card, to protect the ones I wanted to download, and erase the others (I have started doing this, since shooting absurdly large amounts using 15fps), I noticed that the card still had the 300 or so images that I had protected from last weekend's shooting. The other card in the camera was reformatted, but not this one (the one I had been writing to). It occurred to me that maybe this was why it had taken so long to clear the buffer, so I did a quick test. With the card containing the 500 or so protected images, I fired off a burst at 15fps. Sure enough, it took nearly a whole minute until the card was ready to write any more images, and almost two minutes before the buffer had completely cleared. I then reformatted the card in camera, and did the test again. This time, the card was ready to record more images in 4 seconds, and the buffer was completely cleared in 6. This is using a Sony Tough 128gb V60 card, and shooting cRAW. I also noticed that I got more total images in the burst (about 85, compared with 55 when the card still had the protected images on it. This is indoors with high ISO, so I would get more in the burst with lower ISO).

This makes perfect sense, when you think about it. The protected images in a card are not in contiguous portions, so it takes a lot longer to write around them. There also might be something about what happens when you protect an image, as opposed to just not deleting it, that affects write speed. Anyway, I thought I'd share this, in case it helps anyone else. Always reformat your card before a shoot. I didn't miss any shots yesterday while waiting. There was really only one bird, who posed obligingly on a branch, but didn't do particularly interesting things. But I kept worrying that he would do something interesting while I was staring at the blinking '0' in the display.

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