hacking: 300D runs DOS on x86 compatible CPU

Started Nov 17, 2003 | Discussions thread
Kalus Senior Member • Posts: 1,683
Re: Here's an idea.......

" into something it's NOT"

But if someone does hack it then it WILL BE

If your tims so valuble then why'd you waste it just to say this :os

And unless your the one trying to hack it then whats it matter to you... someone trying to hack the 300D so its a plastic 10D is wasting they're time not your time.

Daniel B wrote:

Go out and purchase a 10d instead of trying to make something into
something it's NOT! How much time have you wasted on this? For
another $400.00 you can hold the real thing in your hands. I know
my time is too valuable to waste on junk like this.

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