Mirrorless for motorsport? - Any real experiences?

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Mirrorless for motorsport? - Any real experiences?

I've had DSLRs since the Canon D30 ( yup, not the 30D ), a mix of Nikons and Canons APS-Cs along the way. My main use is for motorsport and it used to be pretty easy to choose a camera, until the last couple of years.

From where I'm sat it's a bit of a mess now:

* mirrorless is slow; rolling shutter. Most of my photo taking utilise panning, is mirrorless now a problem?

* FF vs APS-C

* RF vs RF-S lenses, RF on the APS-C?

** sensor pixel size and the cropping options.

On the release of the R7 I thought this was the answer, but the shutter speed vs a DSLR is large on paper: 30ms vs 4ms. A classic two steps forward, one backwards with a side step thrown in. Shiny new AF is far less important.

Then the pricing problem kicks in, the R7 has crept closer to a FF Sony or an R6 and the whole FF vs ASPC kicks in at this point. I'd like the advantage of a FF for low light usage: 24 HR endurance races ( bikes and cars ) and cloudy days.

I've been around the houses on this and if I'm looking down the barrel of spending 2-3K UK, I don't want to be wasting it on a system with a 5 year lifetime. Nikon and Canon have recent form on this.

Is a R7 a good idea, or should I be looking elsewhere? When it comes to mirrorless and fast movement is anything other than a Z9 really viable!?

Am I worrying too much?

Has anyone moved to mirrorless recently, how is your experience for motorsport usage?

Roasts, useful comments welcome.

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