Pentax K1000D

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Re: Pentax K1000D

Eg -- ha! You're right! I was thinking about the Hasselblad Stellar/Lunar Special Edition Digital Camera (Champagne/Zebra Wood). Just the thing to have your servant carry, three steps behind as you walk down Rodeo Drive. Mege-bling!
Seriously -- there's zero market for a film camera. But a match-needle rangefinder digital... maybe... but I doubt it.... we can always put any of ours on M Manual to simulate the good old days.
What WOULD sell is a Pentax with true smartphone connectivity.... better said, a Pentax smartphone with decent ergonomics, to break away from the now-old Apple flat case design. Will that happen? No. It would require a Japanese corporation to get in bed with the Chinese and Koreans...

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