Does pixel shift enhance resolution?

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Re: Does pixel shift enhance resolution?

Richard Turton wrote:

clear glass wrote:

Does a still life taken with pixel shift on an M5-3 or an M1-3 mean a higher-resolution image, and if so, to what extent?

Resolution is limited to what the lens can provide. If the resolution of the sensor is high enough to adequately capture the full resolution of the lens, then oversampling by pixel shifting will not increase the image resolution. Jim Kasson has a number of articles on pixel shift:

A few years ago I did some MTF measurements of the high resolution modes of the E-M1 Mk II using MTF Mapper, and found that in terms of line pairs per picture height there is no difference between the high resolution version (ORF) and the normal resolution version (ORI) of the same exposure.

However, pixel shifting does decrease colour artifacts and noise.

Interesting. I'll have to double check his math since it goes against intuition. Something doesn't smell right but it could be my own understanding that's off. In my understanding one is almost never entirely lens or sensor limited. they are both playing a roll in MTF.


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