Is it okay to buy a Leica CL right now?

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Re: Is it okay to buy a Leica CL right now?

Le Chef wrote:

If you like using cameras with menus that are more disorganized than your local diner’s 20 page breakfast menu, and has more buttons than a politician’s cheerleader, then Fuji is the brand for you.

If you prefer a minimalist UI organized around profiles and a body with minimum number of buttons, then you should focus in on Leica.

Well written.

I would buy a CL again, exactly because of this reason. It is light and compact. I take it everywhere and when taking pictures it is a tool with a simple and clean interface that is very easy to personalized for my shooting habits. With the newer menus I can quickly change between several profils (BW, color, auto ISO etc)

And mostly: the image quality is superb even when shooting lenses wide open. I bought an Nikon and Contax adapter to continue using my older lenses in manual mode. Essentially I gave up. My 30 year old Zeiss glass and some of my Nikon lens always need to be stopped down.

The only lens up to par with the Leica system is my ZF 2/100mm Zeiss macro lens. Recently I tried the TL 60 macro at Leica Wetzlar. Also superb. I am shopping right now for a mint used copy

Really too bad that Leica discontinued the system People fell in the marketing trap that a 35mm sensor is better. Either they need to buy a brick (SL2 system)  - who is carrying a camera with two lenses just for a family trip on the weekend? - or they need to fork out lot of cash for a M which only offers manual focus.

It tells something about the Leica customer.

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