hacking: 300D runs DOS on x86 compatible CPU

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Alex Bernstein wrote:

There has been a lot talk in this forum about hacking 300D
firmware. Some say that this is something next to impossible,
mainly because of proprietary processor/architecture used in the
camera and "encrypted" firmware. Here's what I found after a few
searches in Google:

In their older cameras Canon appears to have used a version of DOS
from Datalight ( http://www.datalight.com ). Here's a BusinessWire
press release reprinted by the DPReview in 1999:
http://www.dpreview.com/news/9902/99022402canonromdos.asp . This
basically means that processor in these cameras is x86 compatible
and not some unknown proprietary architecture. Does 300D use
ROM-DOS? Read on.

USB protocol used by Canon cameras have been reverse engineered by
folks at Gphoto ( http://www.gphoto.org ) to enable using them with
Linux. Additionaly, a simple application s10sh
( http://www.reynoldsnet.org/s10sh/ ) has been developed that uses
this protocol to send "arbitrary" USB commands to the camera. Using
s10sh, it is clear that in addition to CF picture storage drive (C:
or D:), two other drives A: and B: are present that store camera
firmware. It appears that drive A: contains DOS executable
camera.exe that runs all the functions. Here's a page describing
contents of S40: http://www.darkskiez.co.uk/digital.html

Moreover, folks at

http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=de&u=http://www.ixus-world.de/workshops/os/os_project_3.htm have even managed to run a simple program on the S40.

After mucking around for a few hours with my 300D, Knoppix
Linux-on-CD, and making a few trivial changes to s10sh to support
300D here's what I found on my 300D (v1.1.1 firmware):
[Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL] C:> dir A:

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