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Help! Issue with EPSON ET 8550 when printing

Started 1 month ago | Discussions thread
MRCocoa Regular Member • Posts: 183
Re: Help! Issue with EPSON ET 8550 when printing

Is there a reason you set the paper type to glossy?  I'm NOT suggesting that's causing the problem you're experiencing, but the ET-85xx printers have a setting for luster papers and that setting works quite a bit better better luster papers than the glossy setting.

J4CK wrote:


I've recently purchased an Epson ET 8550 and have noticed a clear smudge when printing.

Please see here:


It is on the same part of the paper on each print and I can't figure out what is causing this as it is nowhere else on the paper.

  • I'm using Luster Paper to print
  • Thick Paper setting is ON (I have tested it with OFF).
  • Bio Directional is OFF.
  • Ink Drying Time is Longer.
  • Print settings are Glossy Paper.

Any help would be appreciated,


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