Could this be done with Focus stacking?

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Re: manual focus stacking of 2 images. But

vbuhay wrote:

jfw wrote:

Z6User wrote:

Bernard Delley wrote:

Z6User wrote:

James Grove wrote:

Shoot 2 images one with the moon in focus, then one with the osprey then load them into a stack in Photoshop and blend the images together.

Yes, don’t focus stack the two images, just manually select the bits you want from each image.

This is the good way to achieve an image as a composite with sharply rendered bird

I see no ethical issue in doing so ...

I do not intend to use the final image for any nefarious purpose,

It's refreshing to read how everyone is concerned with the ethics of stepping outside the lines of typical photography.

How dare you!

How can what you want NOT be nefarious?

Prolly the fbi will be knocking on your door soon . One can only hope ...

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