Sony A9 (original) vs Sony A7RIV for bird photography and BIF

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Went through the same decision

Evan Atkinson wrote:

Hi all, I made a thread in the 'Canon R' section of the forum based on the R7 and I was very happy with the replies I got, and I am now considering the R7 to be my next upgrade. However, I have always been drawn to Sony systems as well. Now I'm aware the A7RIV has a 61MP sensor, compared to the A9's 24.2MP sensor, but I am unsure as to what both cameras have compared to each other. I would be using either camera with the 200-600 G and perhaps with the 1.4 converter. A friend of mine said I can use his A9 and 200-600 when he moves to Nikon so I am keen to see the results for that. Off of the brief research I did on the two cameras, the A9 has 20fps and the A7RIV has 10fps (hope I am right with that) and there is obviously the MP difference between the two. So a few questions:

Which camera is better for BIF?

Which camera has the better autofocus?

What is the image quality like from both cameras?

Do both cameras experience rolling shutter?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


I had to toss up between the two as well. Speed vs the 60mp sensor. Took me a good 2-3 weeks to decide and in the end personally, I know I have to crop every shot I take. I know that from many years taking BIFs. Static birds are always easy, but I take around 80-90% BIF shots. So it came down to cropping for me and the A7RIV won. I now get around an 80-85% hit rate after awhile playing with the AF settings.

The A9 will be faster and you will score more shots. 10 FPS is plenty here for me with BIF shots, Infact I'm happy using 8 FPS, others want a lot more though. If wanting to use silent shutter, the A9 wins hands down, I use EFCS on the A7RIV. Static birds, well I expect 100% and can get that with even the manual focus teles, something is wrong if you can't get that.

Generally I use ISO 400-1000 and between 1/1500 - 1/4000 for BIFs, 200-600mm wide open at F/6.3 to F/11.

Anyway a few here from the A7RIV and the 200-600

So better is a matter of opinion I guess. I could well have ended up with the A9 and be happy for sure. Take your pick.

All the best and whatever you try or choose, enjoy.


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