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X100F to X100V?

Started 2 months ago | Discussions thread
RobRoy22 Regular Member • Posts: 266
Re: X100V availability & price

jbuzzinco wrote:

RobRoy22 wrote:

The comments above on price appear to relate to pre-owned examples. The X100V is scarce, but posters in other threads confirm they have bought new; necessary to order and wait. In the U.K. the retail price (new) from all official stockists is £1349. None have it in stock, however London Camera Exchange quotes

”Estimated delivery time: 60 working days”

I realise that many people are not willing to order & are waiting to see if a much upgraded VI will be announced at the next X Summit. Personally I doubt this, but we will see…

Everyone gets to make their own value judgment. Having owned all of the aforementioned cameras at one time or another, I find the X-Pro* or X-T* + lens options more useful to me than the X100V at any price. That includes $MSRP which at this time appears to be wishful thinking as I see supposedly authorized Fujifilm dealers selling the X100V at 1.5-2x MSRP.

The X100* cameras are fun and I'm not here to be Debbie Downer. But my own experience with them has been 'Meh'. I like the format because of the size. But I have found equally pocketable zoom lens compacts like the Canon G1X III and Sony RX100* to be far more useful for everyday carry and travel.

The older X100S/T/F variants would likely be perfect for 99.9% of the folks chasing the X100V. Anyone who is concerned about the marginally improved lens or weather sealing on the X100V could get better examples of both using several of the older MILC bodies.

If someone has their heart set on an X100V, good for them. But the current situation seems to be that nearly all the prospective buyers have little to no experience with the X system and are simply chasing youtube and tiktok influencers who held up an X100V and said "Awesome!".

Where is your evidence & data for this claim?

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