The next Foveon camera?

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Dear Sigma Foveon sensor fans and connoisseurs.

I often browse the forums here, and on the Canon R forum I come across this picture. So this is not my photo, the creators' names are at the bottom right. But you should definitely take a look at this photo in full size, at 100% view.

When you then see what the future Full Frame Foveon sensor has to contend with ...
The resolution, the dynamic range, the detail in the shadows, the colour reproduction ... Ok, this image has been edited a lot with DxO and Photoshop, and it's also just a jpeg.

But if I were CEO Yamaki, and I see this IQ,

Yet you just discounted the iq of this pic as you acknowledged that it has been greatly edited and is a jpeg. Why would the ceo ever use this pic to conclude anything about the potential of a full frame foveon sensor?

the courage to start with a FF Foveon camera would sink into my shoes. I would think that the race to absolute IQ is over, and that Sigma has lost it.

Is Sigma in such a race? Is that their mission? Is their such a thing as absolute iq?

The prices for this Canon R5 + a couple of good L lenses are incredibly expensive though, and I will never and cannot afford them.

Don't sell yourself short. And don't overlook the used market. In ten years, this gear will be ancient history.

If the CEO of Sigma acts logically, rationally, planfully and with responsibility for his employees' income, then surely he should not launch the FFF camera?
What do you all think?

Sigma makes niche cameras. It seems to me to be more a labor of love than an effort to maximize profit. Plus, I don't know how employees will benefit financially from discontinuing a line of cameras. Their jobs will be discontinued as well.

I didn't even know planfullly is a word. My spellcheck didn't either as it immediately changed it to playful.

I have no skin in this game. I don't own a Sigma camera and likely will never. They lost the battle for market domination (more important than IQ supremacy for their bottom line) of the foveon sensor long ago. It's not like making film cameras in this day and age. More like making laser discs.

This is no slam at Sigma cameras or their appreciative consumers. My respect for individual photographers rests on their output, not the equipment they use to produce it. I can even appreciate photos made with Canon cameras (eek!).

I am not big on making predictions about camera company viability. I have no idea what amalgam of factors the CEO is using to make his decisions. One obstacle is likely practical: the availability of chips. Sony discontinued certain cameras because that allows them to focus production on the more profitable lines of cameras. Plus, experimentation often leads to failure. Sigma may not be successful in moving from idea to actuality. Happens.


OH, I see you play in


the Nikon team.

Nice that you looked at my current gear page! Unfortunately, DPREview does not include the Google Pixel 6 Pro in their gear selection choices for mobile phones. Been shooting that a great deal more than my Nikons lately. So, I guess I am on the Google team?


Let's talk Dutch, or French, ... the world is bigger than your own language area, 'sir who knows better'.

It is irritating for everybody here on this international forum, that you correct language errors whose mother tongue is not English. That is a form of being polite you would better understand.


J'espère que tu peux me pardonner.

"tu peux"??, not "vous pouvez"?

A bit too familiar, I think ...

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