Switching from Sony APS-C to FF: upgrade or downgrade?

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Re: Switching from Sony APS-C to FF: upgrade or downgrade?

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If an A7C II is indeed on the horizon, it would not make sense to buy the old version now. The new one will certainly be a lot better or you could get the first version with a steep discount.

As much as I love primes for their IQ and fast apertures, I have come to prefer zoom lenses as I do most of my photography on trips.

I have always wanted a FF Sony camera + 24-105 for convenience, OSS and better background separation compared to my 16-55, at least at 105mm.

Reviews and sample images suggest that this lens has rather soft corners at 24mm. In his review, Dustin Abbott even claims that stopping down does not really improve the soft edges. This kept me off buying a FF camera as my 16-55 is such a sharp lens and there is no other affordable FF standard zoom that starts at 24mm and goes beyond 70mm. But I often miss a bit more range, OSS and a closer minimum focus distance. In theory, the 24-105 could deliver just that and could later be supplemented with one or two prime lenses for portraits. Has anyone used the 24-105 and can comment on its edge performance at 24mm?

I would argue that the 16-55mm at $1400 is not a affordable lens either. It costs as much as the most expensive APSC emount camera(A6600). And the lens doesnt have stabilization, meaning it should be used on an A6500/A6600.

It is affordable compared to a 2470GM.2. Do you make the same comparisons when comparing the 12-24GM to the cost of the a73/4??? If someone has a 1655/2.8 the cost was not a concern of theirs, if it were they would go with the 18-135 and other kit lens types of zooms.

The GM2 is affordable compared to the cameras it is meant to go on. The GM2 is no where near the cost of the most expensive FF E-mount camera.

Whereas the the 16-55mm G costs as much as the most expensive APSC E-mount camera. $2800 for the APSC A6600 with a G lens.

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