Ordering From Canon vs Amazon/Adorama, B&H, etc...

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Re: Ordering From Canon vs Amazon/Adorama, B&H, etc...

Funny how sometimes the very things we fret about come true.

I do have a good, recent story about shipping, though it is for an Asus laptop battery. Asus customer-service last week linked me to their parts-replacement partner, Impact Computers. I chose overnight and paid $20 extra. But Impact couldn't get the item out the door in time, so they refunded the $20 without prompting--and FedEx brought it just one business-day later.

Experience varies with shipping so much these days. In my opinion, I wouldn't fret about who has the best cherry-picked items, blah, blah, blah--I'd just go with familiar, big name online companies that have easy returns.

Or get lucky the way I did with Impact Computers, a company I'd never heard of but ended up exceeding expectations.

Come to think of it, some of my most pleasant experiences have been with small companies that were listed as "partners" on manufacturers' websites.

Good luck!

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