Canon DP sensor H/V MTF50 resolution directional?

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Re: 4 and 16-dot AAs not Symmetrical

JohnMoyer wrote:

Thanks for that John, interesting that they do it in one direction only vs Sony's OCL 2x2 arrangement. I am also curious about the potential effect of light/e- crosstalk between the two photodiodes on AF measurement sensitivity.

In any case I can't think why this should have an effect on MTF when looking at a supposedly 'in-focus' edge near the center (right)?

But for the sake of argument let's assume that PDAF effectively acts like a central obscuration. This is the relative theoretical effect on a perfect lens increasingly out of PDAF focus

Modulation Transfer Function in Optical and Electro-optical SystemsBy Glenn D. Boreman

For reference cutoff would be approximately 4.4/.535/4 ≈ 2 c/p in the green channel of an R5. Then we should factor in OOF MTF and effective pixel aperture.


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