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Started 2 months ago | Photos thread
Rich Z
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Walking on Woodley Island, looking across the channel at Mainland Eureka.  There's some activity out there.

The guy in the boat has a megaphone and is yelling orders and criticism at a group of young college women who are sculling along industriously.  I imagine he is getting paid for this.  Hell, I'd do it for free.

Shucking oysters at a seafood vendor in the marina.  She's wearing chain mail gloves with all digits in metal sleeves.

Experimenting with the IS of the OM 1 and MZ 300mm + MC 20 hand held at 600mm to see how tight I can make the aperture for more DOF.  This at 1/500, any slower than that and it gets fuzzy.  I wonder if I should consider this as 1200mm at 1/500.  If it has the same reach as 1200mm at 35mm, does it generate the same shake?

These from the three week storm that started on Dec.26.  This is in the entrance to Humboldt Bay.  The breakers are exhausted before they get into the bay, but they close the bay to boats.  I am up on a dune and my elevation makes the waves look smaller.  These were reported as up to 10 meters.  The strong wind coming from the east (left) added to the drama.

I should have been down off the dune for this one.

Lower on the dune and they look larger.

Down on the beach and a big set is coming.

These sets were coming in at around 4 minutes between.  That makes it easier to catch good ones, just wait for the next set.  There was a nice, warm rain from Hawaii, we call it a Pineapple Express, coming down at around 16° C. and the wind was from the east, so it was warm, too.  I was wearing a T shirt.  The photographer pictured looks like he's got up and ready for Sault Ste. Marie.  As you can see, best to stay up on the dunes.

Down south in Fortuna at The 12th St. Levee on The Eel River.  It's up at flood stage and about to over top the levee.  The rain took a break and the river stayed within its banks.

That's all.  Rich

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