24 megapixel enough for landscape?

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Re: 24 megapixel enough for landscape?

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Is the 24megapixel of R6 mark II enough for landscape photography? I'm debating if i just should make the jump to R5,….also shot kids, animals etc which makes the autofocus feature important.

Also how about the high iso performance? with R5 having more Megapixels should have more noise than the R6 Mark 2?


I disagree with those that maintain more pixels are always better, in part because there's always a trade off. Whether it be money, features, or just manipulating files.

If one does a lot of large prints shown close to the eye then yeah, MPs can make a big difference at times. But even that comes with a caveat: some of my biggest prints were actually done with a 16MP camera that I used to shoot some big panoramas. That's not uncommon with landscape photography.

I like using the R6 for landscape because of the great DR, and because I often switch to more action oriented shooting, like wildlife and such.

I would say these days that having a bigger pixel pitch size isn't necessarily going to be a big deal in terms of noise; the R6 isn't that much better than the R5 eg and I doubt many in real world could see much difference most of the time. And again it's landscape: the tradeoffs that happen in other kinds of shooting, like needing a faster shutter speed, just aren't as much of a problem in landscape. You don't need to do much high ISO shooting a lot of time. We can shoot brackets for HDR for instance.

So yeah, sometimes I prefer a high MP medium frame for landscape. It can outperform the FFs but that doesn't mean I don't regularly get better shots with my R6 instead. So the answer is yes, it can be enough. Using the money saved might get a better lens, which might make more of a difference than some more pixels.

That certainly agrees with my experience.  It reminds me of a visit to an art gallery I visited in Moab a few years ago.  There were large prints of various landscape scenes for sale and they were absolutely fantastic and when I asked the photographer what gear was used to take the images I was told EOS 5D mk3.

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