Has anyone purchased a Nikon Z9 from Panamoz

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Re: Panamoz

John2450 wrote:

I can totally understand where the poster is coming from. It takes me quite a time to get from my bed to the front door (even though I always informer the courier of this fact.) I regularly open the front door to find a parcel on the doorstep and no trace of the courier!!

I live in a ground floor flat and frequently order stuff from Amazon yet despite my being fit and healthy, I very rarely get to the door before the courier has fled, leaving my goods dumped on the ground outside.

A neighbour, from the next street, once didn't receive something which Amazon insisted had been delivered.

They produced a photograph to prove that the item had been left on the doorstep.

It had but to a completely different doorstep, several houses down the road. Luckily, the recipient knew the neighbour and returned it.

My friend now has a dayglo green stripe painted across the bottom of his front door.

Delivery drivers can tell all the lies they like but they'll be hard pressed to claim they've left it at his door when they haven't!

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